Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome to my first blog!

>Hey there... so, this is my first blog! I almost can't believe it, seeing as I'm a net savy sort of person who is on the computer for hours of the day at work, and often on a lot at home!

>A few months ago I wanted to start blogging to get some of the things that go through my head ... out there... wherever that may be. A lot of things go through my head and mostly its quite opinionated about things like "how people should live their lives" or "the sort of people you should choose as partners" or "don't do drugs, they are bad"! But I'm sure whoever reads this might get sick of me blabbering on about how my opinion is better than theirs. So I'm going to try not to do this in my blog, although somethings might slip through at times... heh heh.

>In the beginning of October I started a beginner quilting class at a local quilt shop and in preparation for that I started doing some research online and I stumbled upon this amazing community of crafters who all blog about the wonderful things they are working on and have lovely stashes of fabric! I was HOOKED! I now have a few blogs I check daily (and some do update daily) but more often I start on one blog, click on a link to another blog, then get sucked into the new blog and what that person is creating. Its a bad thing, I cannot seem to stop. Right now I have 5 tabs open with blogs I want to look at some more. So I want to start blogging about crafty things, like sewing, quilting, beading, etc. I hope that by talking about what I'm working on will motivate me to make and create more.

>I've sewn some in the past but haven't done much lately. My excuse was poor working space in the two bedroom apartment my boyfriend and I had. But at the end of October we bought a house where I have my own room, my "studio", so I can't use that excuse anymore. Plus xmas is right around the corner and I'm determined to make a lot of my gifts this year. So here goes (hahah this was all introduction to my first blog):

>Two weeks ago I ordered some fabric online (I'm also hooked on this), it was a fat quarter bundle of Tula Pink's Nest line from Moda. At the time I had no idea who Tula Pink was, so I found her blog (of course) and she's awesome! So funny and talented... wow. It takes about 2 weeks for stuff to make it to my little town so when we got a parcel slip in the mail today I raced to the post office only to find it was the modem from Bell that they supposedly didn't send and then I cancelled the order because they're buggers. Needless to say I was upset. My friend and coworker said I should have jumped up and down on the package before taking it back to the post office. The rest of my afternoon was spent in a slump because I really, really wanted my fabric :-( On the off chance that it might have come after lunch I had my bf check the mail again and he tried to act like it didn't come in just so I would be surprised... but I saw right through that. It did and... its lovely, simple lovely. I think I will just keep it wrapped up in its nice little ribbon and just stare at it once in a while. Here's a pic of it (with my new kitchen in the background).


>I've promised my boyfriend I would make us his and her quilts because we cannot seem to share blankets. Apparently I'm a blanket hog, but sometimes I'll wake up and he's sleeping quite comfortably without any blankets so I don't know why he is complaining! lol I'm thinking I might use this bundle for a zig zag quilt... or should I wait for Tula Pink's Neptune line next spring? What do you think? I'm honestly not sure if I should make a queen sized quilt when I'm such a newbie. The one I'm working on in class is a twin and the largest I will have made.

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