Monday, December 15, 2008

My "first" quilt is finished!

Last week while sitting in front of the TV I finished the binding on my first* quilt. The class I was taking ended and I still didn't have a finished top, nevermind a back, batting or binding. I ended up going into the shop on a Saturday and 4 hours later I was ready to hand sew the binding on! It seemed like such a tiring process to get to that point, maybe because I was rushing to get to my town's craft fair or maybe because I hadn't eaten since breakfast... but anyhow I left the quilt shop exhausted but very satisfied :-)

Some of the ladies in my class machine sewed the binding because of a lack of time. I have lots of time, having no kids an all, so it took me 2 movies to finish the twin sized quilt. Sewing on the binding was such a nice process! I think I liked it so much because for everything else involved in quilting you need a machine to do it, therefore I'm away in my craft room... alone. But with the binding it gives me an excuse (and a reason) so relax with BW and watch some TV, HGTV to be exact. We're addicted to that channel!

Here's the quilt! I love it. Oh another nice thing about the binding, I could use the quilt to keep warm while sewing it hehe.

The colours look so much better in daylight! Thanks to SVP for holding it up.

* I say first quilt because the other ones I made I made them without any instruction... they still turned out pretty good tho, if I do say so myself.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dear Santa & Oven Mitts

I have been a very good girl this year... can you please get me a new sewing machine?

Five years ago my mom bought me a $100 Singer from Walmart. I remember us walking back from Dufferin Mall to my apartment on Ossington, carrying the machine between us. And wow, did that machine ever sew a lot for me that fall!

For some crazy idea I decided to have a booth at the big pow wow that happens in Toronto every November. I shared it with another local nish crafter I met in September. That gave me 2 months to sew up some goods and did I sew! I think for a whole month I was up until 2am every night sewing. My downstairs neighbour complained numerous times because of my noisey sewing machine and the back of my legs became tender from sitting on my benches for hours on end! That was a really fun event, we had a booth on the floor of the skydome and a bunch of family was in town to help man the booth. My little cousin Stef came down, specifically to help me out. And my big cousin Bev was a huge help too. I made a couple blankets/quilts, pillow cases, pot holders and oven mitts, plus a little bit of jewellery. I didn't keep a tally of how much I spent and I'm pretty sure I didn't break even or anywhere near but it was worth it. It must have been because I did the same thing the year after!

Anyhow, that singer has served me well until now. But I can't drop the feed dogs, something I'll need to do if I ever want to learn how to free-motion quilt. And it really is loud, I had no idea that sewing machines could be quiet! I won't hurt to have 2 sewing machines if I ever get my Sewing Sundays up and running.

I'm trying to make most, or at least half, of my xmas gifts this year and here is the start of the gifts. Some oven mitts I made yesterday.

I got the tutorial from here, they were easy enough but seemed to take quite a while to make.... hopefully my time improves after making more. So, who wants a pair for Xmas?