Friday, November 20, 2009

Some light box pics

I've been busy sewing away but I feel like I haven't got much to show for it! My mom and I made the decision to not sell stuff at the upcoming Christmas Craft Fair in town so I've been focusing on making some xmas gifts. I won't delude myself and think my whole family reads this but still in chance they do I won't be posting any pics of the stuff.

Except for this one. They're for some 5 year olds who probably aren't browsing the internet!

These will also come with matching aprons, one is done and adorable. Not sure how to picture it without a cute girl modeling it.

Brent made me a lightbox to take pictures of my stuff so here are a few of some older things.

Pretty neat eh? You can read his blog about the light box here.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A paint job... finally!

My husby (husband/hubby) and I bought our house just over a year ago and fell in instant love with it! The previous owners spent all of their 2 years renovating and just when they were almost done they got a job offer they didn't want to turn down so had to sell. Lucky for us! The only thing I didn't love about the house was a couple of paint choices. A big one was in my sewing room, aka studio. It was painted this peachy colour and really darkened the room... making me feel blah-ish about it. A week ago we just decided to paint, one of those "there's no time like the present" moments. I picked a colour that was an off-white like our kitchen, which the studio is right off of.

Here's some before and after pics! Before we started I knew that I'd want to rearrange the room as well. Somehow it gets so cluttered... :P

South side.

View from the door. The brown wardrobe is where I store my fabric and its almost full! The wire shelves are now where I put the clothes for re-purposing, unfinished stuff, stuff I like and want to re-create and scraps.

North side. My cutting table and sewing machine table were the only things that stayed in the same place. Notice my awesome cutting table? Its an old door with 3 levels of 2x4s on top of the folding legs to make it higher! hahahaha A carpenter I am not! A nice paint job on the table and some curtains would make this table. The wall space to the right of my table is where I'm going to hang a peg board for tools. Husby's task this weekend. I'm sure I'll post pics!

The view of the door. In the right corner used to be a pile of gift bags and tissue paper that I want to re-use... it just piled bigger and bigger. I sorted all that and put it in the basement with other wrapping stuff. Also there was a pile of boxes that I plan on using for something, not sure what yet. I made that into a neater pile. Because of those two piles I couldn't even open my door fully... something I can do now!

A couple people have exclaimed how much more open the room seems now and it does! Its a huge improvement. Now I just have to do some sewing. I got everything put back in Monday or Tuesday but have been busy every night since then. This will be a nice weekend for sewing :-)

I'm so glad to have a whole room to devote to sewing! The apartment we rented before the house was a 2 bedroom and the 2nd bedroom was supposed to be a sewing room/office but it just ended up being a storage room with a computer desk. I didn't get much sewing done there.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A fall shirt

This shirt started out in my head as a summer shirt (well the fabric did) but as time went on so did the seasons! Its now chilly here with frost most mornings and a couple of snow falls (which quickly melted) so my shirt plans had to change. Ok, actually the plans didn't change at all, I had wanted to make the same shirt from the same fabric. It would probably have been unsuited for summer. (A normal summer, this summer it would have been suitable for most of it!)

So here you are, my fall shirt:

The pattern in Simplicity 3836, outfit B, the Mini-dress. I've seen a lot of it in blog land and my inspiration goes back a year or so to that coriander dress. I'm glad I chose to change the collar and arm ties to a solid colour. However after I finished sewing on the collar I had a scare: that my shirt might be starting to look like a clown outfit! hahaha I quickly tried it on and calmed myself down, not too clownish. I thought about adding red on the hem but BW thought it would be too much red... what do you think? I shortened it a bit too. This was the first time I've done that type of zipper setting, and its so good you can't even see it right? :-P I impress myself sometimes!

For some reason this took a looong time to make! I think I put in a couple of hours each night since I finished the camera bag, minus one weekend. I need to get faster!

I've got a growing list of bday gifts, xmas gifts and Xmas craft fair goods to make so this is the last thing I'm making for myself until the new year.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Belated Birthday Camera Bag

My brother Jesse's birthday was in July so for his bday I gave him a card that said he was going to get a handmade item of his choice sometime before Christmas. Haha well 2 months to go and its done... that's pretty good in my books! He got himself a nice, big point and shoot camera that was much in need of a case.

I used the Cosy Camera Case Tutorial from Amy a la Mode. Jesse's camera is pretty big (its like an SLR in a point and shoot body) so I had to make a few size adjustments for it. I'm glad for that too... sewing around the little curves at the bottom would have been much harder with a smaller case! Turned out pretty good :-)

The outside fabric is a topography print, don't know from who, that I got a metre of a few years ago in TO at the Creativ Festival. I used it up pretty quickly and was lucky enough to find it in a quilt shop in International Falls and it was double wide! I think I need more though... my family are canoeists so I know this will be a popular print with them. The mini pocket and lining fabric is cute little bears, moose and other boreal animals that I got for my bday. The closure is a snap so the button is for show.

Brent, sorry for the pics, you can take nicer ones with the camera in it! lol

Edited to add a new photo taken with a homemade light box.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to me! + some beadwork

Yup, its my birthday today! I'm one year closer to 30... :-| Sometimes that doesn't feel weird, other times it does (like right now lol).

Last year my hubby picked and surprised me with a kitchen aid stand mixer, which I love! This year though, I picked my gift. It would have been nice to get a surprise but there was something I wanted way too much! And that was Good Folks by Anna Maria Horner. Earlier this year I ordered a fat quarter set of the Good Folks line and all I could think of when I got it was that a fat quarter wasn't enough... I needed more! So back in August sometime I came across an etsy seller (fabricworm) selling a full set of 1 yard pieces. It was a must have and I ordered it that day hehe. So this arrived in the middle of Sept and I've been looking at it since. Finally last weekend I pre-washed and folded them and now they just sit on my pile of books where I look at it some more. Here it is:

Beautiful eh? I want to make a quilt for myself from it, plus some clothes and maybe some pillow and and and... oh I love it so.

The other night I finished the piece I was beading. I started in in August while on the road.

When I left off I had finished the white outline of the petals and filled in two of the petals. A night in September I finished one more petal. That left 1 petal and the blue and green accents to finish. It feels like it took a while to finish, 7 days. Now I gotta figure out what to do with it. And figure out what to do next. Last night I didn't bead (eep), I did do some design drawing before I went to bed though.

Today is also the 2nd anniversary of the day I went on my first date with the man who is now my husband. I had just moved back to my hometown from London in July and kept hearing about this guy. I heard mostly about him from my brother hahah. So after seeing him at a local powwow I decided to contact him. I'm glad I did too because he was thinking about me, but didn't have the courage to act on it yet. We emailed a few times, then made plans to meet for coffee. That day I went out for supper with my family and as we were leaving the restaurant he was just coming in with some friends of his. This was the first time we had passed each other! We were both a little thrown by running into each other I think. We managed to say "Hi..." and "Uh...I'll call you in a bit". Outside my brother comments "Well, that was AWKWARD!" hahahaha It really was. My husband and I both identify as being socially awkward... we're a good match. So here we are, 2 years later and married for almost 3 months. I love you Brent.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 1 of the last 100 days of the DECADE!

That is crazy right? I'm a big fan of the show Q with Jian Ghomeshi and yesterday while listening to his program he told me that it was the 265th day of the year... and that means there are only 100 days left of the year AND of the decade! He also challenged his listeners to do something different with those 100 days, such as learn a new word a day in a different language.

I was thinking a lot about that today and I want to take him up on that challenge. I'd like to do something crafty but it would have to be something that I could travel with because I know I'll be traveling near the end of this year. That means it couldn't be anything to do with my sewing machine which left beadwork. Beadwork is so easy to take with you. When BW and I went out west on our honeymoon I took a small case of beads and some felt to re-teach myself beading. I beaded a lil flower and a few rosettes and started on another flower. When BW and I are traveling later this year (on our 2nd honeymoon) in New Zealand our plan is to rent a campa to travel around... totally bead worthy! So that's gonna be my thing. I'm challenging myself to bead every day for the next 100 days :D

I haven't beaded yet today, so I'm going to go do that now. G'night

Is there anything you want to challenge yourself to do?

A bit prettier in here

Since I want to keep this blogging up I figured I'd better make my blog prettier. I do not like spending time at home on the computer so there wasn't much effort put into it.

I found the background image from Fat Strawberry. There are tons of background images on this site!


Lightened up

I'm still trying to come up with a nice tagline for my blog, something that says crafty, small town, and my name... so if you have any suggestions let me know. When I feel like sprucing the blog up again I might add a photo header.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Baby Doll Top

As I mentioned in my last post I was wanting to make a baby doll top from my new book, Chic and Simple Sewing, by Christine Haynes. This book is great, its got more than 20 patterns in it along with descriptions for all the sewing techniques you'll need to know to make all the 20 items. Here's a pic of the book.

And here's a pic of my finished shirt.

I did a couple modifications. I knew I didn't have enough of the flower print for the full length so I planned from the beginning to add the black bottom piece. Also, once I put the body piece on and tried it on it was WAY too big. I'm not skinny so I don't mind a little extra space around the belly area but what the pattern called for was ... not nice. The front and back piece were the same size and both gathered. I changed the back piece so there wouldn't be any gathering and I made the front piece a bit skinnier. I probably took off 6 inches from the width of the thing! I like the results very much. Except, I made the arms too tight... they've been bugging me all day. I might put in a bigger elastic or take it out all together and finish it with gathered hem.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finished WG Table Topper and a Tunic

Last night I finished my Whirly Gig Table Topper! I had it sandwiched and quilted last Thursday so I took the binding on the road to Winnipeg with me. I worked on it a bit on the road but did most of it while watching season 4 of Bones at home :-) I quilted in the ditch around the green and purple/blue WGs and it should be 24"x24" (I haven't actually measured it yet). I love it!

I used another batik print on the back and binded with the yellow print.

When I showed my brother a pic of it he made this sound: ewwww. LOL Good thing its not for him!

Earlier this year I set out to make a few summer tops because I knew I wouldn't have much time or money to do summer shopping. But because of all the wedding business I really didn't have much time for non-wedding sewing (more on that later). I did make this Amy Bulter tunic back in May but never got around to sewing on buttons! Always the smallest thing eh? So after finishing the binding last night I put on some buttons and am wearing it today.

This fabric started my online fabric problem! Last fall I was searching for fabric to use in a jingle dress for myself and I found this on and loved it. So rather than order a swatch I ordered something like 3 or 4 yards hahaha. I did some more searching online to see this fabric in action and I found this post which encouraged me to get this pattern for a coriander dress of my own. I like it but I also feel like its too much of something (wild, hippyish?). My husband suggested maybe changing the collar to a solid colour (like brown) and that might make it a little less of... something.

If you've been to my house you'll probably recognize this fabric... I am also using it for my bedroom curtains, coasters and a table runner! I still have about a yard left too. *shakes head*

I bought a new sewing book in Winnipeg, Chic & Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes. I have the fabric picked out to make a baby doll top. I am trying to avoid looking too something with the clothes I plan on making so BW and I came up with a criteria.... that is "Would BW walk with me while wearing this?" Don't want to embarrass my new husband now do I?

Perhaps this something isn't avoidable? I've always considered my parents hippys, not extreme ones just mild ones lol. And as I've gotten older and married and planning for children I find the influences of my childhood are living themselves out now. I do plan on making more of my own clothes and definitely making clothes for my kids. BW and I joked about this tunic signifying my coming out of the hippy closet hah!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

More about Whirly Gigs

I meant to include this in my first whirly gig (wg) post... more info about what I'm making. Its a simple quilt block that when put together looks simply awesome! lol

Here's kind of what mine will end up looking like: but without the big border.
Here's a how to make them:

And here's what my blocks look like now (couldn't help taking a pic at lunch and posting it):

And here's a pic of my fabric stash! Huge right? After I got back from my 1st honeymoon I spent 5 days organizing it. This meant pre-washing the fabric that wasn't, which was about half of it, then sorting and folding it. On my top shelf I have some scraps, then the rest is fat quarters and pieces smaller than a yard/metre. On the second I have patterned quilting fabric over 1 yard/metre. the 3rd shelf is solid colours, mostly broadcloth but some muslin in there and a huge piece of red! I cannot remember why in the world I bought such a huge piece, I'm sure it was a whole bolt actually hahaha. Next on the 3rd shelf is lightweight non-cotton fabrics like lining, then comes flannel. On the 4th shelf is heavy weight non-cotton fabrics, then cordoroy and fleece, then denim and other denim weight and finally larger pieces of lining fabric. On the bottom shelf is smaller pieces of all of the non-cotton fabric and batting.

I may have a problem... Ok I
know I have a problem! I ordered some fabric for my upcoming bday from my husband... 1 yard of Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks line and 6 half yards of Paula Prass' Summer Soiree. And I really, really, really want a FQ set of Tula Pink's Hushabye. Its for my future baby... really!

Whirly Gigs Table Topper

This year I told myself that when possible I would only give homemade gifts. That turned out to be a bit difficult with all that was happening in the 1st half of this year. I'm finally tackling my growing birthday list lol... here's the start of a whirly gig table topper. Rather than make someone something they wouldn't use I had to ask for hints from the bday people. For this one I was told she'd like a table topper and that she likes bright colours.

It will be 24"x24", with 3 8" whirly gigs across and down, as you can see in my drawing. In this pic the each of the 2 colours pinned together to be sewn. Last night I finished the 8" blocks so tonight I should have the top finished!

I have a huge fabric stash (I might put up a pic sometime) but I think I'm afraid of it or rather afraid of trying to match colours. I have this same problem with beading. I see so much beautiful beadwork and quilts using all sorts of different colours but I can't seem to use a wide and different range of colours ... yet! I'm sure I will at some point. My sort of Aunt Tina has the same problem and she is an experienced beader. She's thinking she'll use all the loose beads she has in her bead container for a piece, good idea! I need a quilting experiment like that. This reason is sort of the reason I chickened out and used batiks for the table topper instead of a printed fabric. My rational is because there is another batik quilt in their house soo... yeah. hah

Tomorrow I'll post a pic of the finished top. I have it laid out on my table and oh my, its beautiful!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Trying to blog again...

I'm at this again! Last year in the fall I tried to get into blogging and that lasted all of 2 months! haha Hopefully I'll do better this time. I've just moved my blog to blogspot rather than my own website. I had all these ideas for my old website but never took the time to make them happen (this means home computer time which I avoid if I can) so blogspot was the way to go.

Since my last post a lot of things have happened:
Dec. 25th I got engaged!
Dec - July I planned the wedding.
Jan - April I finished a quilt wall hanging for my kitchen
July 11th I got married!
Aug 1&2 I had a powwow booth with my mom.
Aug 3-10 I went on my 1st honeymoon (yes, we're planning a 2nd)

I will try to write a bit about each of these exciting things in the next little while.

See ya and have a nice Labour Day weekend! Mine is looking amazing with a sushi feast, powwow, fishing and a big family brunch!