Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finished WG Table Topper and a Tunic

Last night I finished my Whirly Gig Table Topper! I had it sandwiched and quilted last Thursday so I took the binding on the road to Winnipeg with me. I worked on it a bit on the road but did most of it while watching season 4 of Bones at home :-) I quilted in the ditch around the green and purple/blue WGs and it should be 24"x24" (I haven't actually measured it yet). I love it!

I used another batik print on the back and binded with the yellow print.

When I showed my brother a pic of it he made this sound: ewwww. LOL Good thing its not for him!

Earlier this year I set out to make a few summer tops because I knew I wouldn't have much time or money to do summer shopping. But because of all the wedding business I really didn't have much time for non-wedding sewing (more on that later). I did make this Amy Bulter tunic back in May but never got around to sewing on buttons! Always the smallest thing eh? So after finishing the binding last night I put on some buttons and am wearing it today.

This fabric started my online fabric problem! Last fall I was searching for fabric to use in a jingle dress for myself and I found this on fabric.com and loved it. So rather than order a swatch I ordered something like 3 or 4 yards hahaha. I did some more searching online to see this fabric in action and I found this post which encouraged me to get this pattern for a coriander dress of my own. I like it but I also feel like its too much of something (wild, hippyish?). My husband suggested maybe changing the collar to a solid colour (like brown) and that might make it a little less of... something.

If you've been to my house you'll probably recognize this fabric... I am also using it for my bedroom curtains, coasters and a table runner! I still have about a yard left too. *shakes head*

I bought a new sewing book in Winnipeg, Chic & Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes. I have the fabric picked out to make a baby doll top. I am trying to avoid looking too something with the clothes I plan on making so BW and I came up with a criteria.... that is "Would BW walk with me while wearing this?" Don't want to embarrass my new husband now do I?

Perhaps this something isn't avoidable? I've always considered my parents hippys, not extreme ones just mild ones lol. And as I've gotten older and married and planning for children I find the influences of my childhood are living themselves out now. I do plan on making more of my own clothes and definitely making clothes for my kids. BW and I joked about this tunic signifying my coming out of the hippy closet hah!

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