Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to me! + some beadwork

Yup, its my birthday today! I'm one year closer to 30... :-| Sometimes that doesn't feel weird, other times it does (like right now lol).

Last year my hubby picked and surprised me with a kitchen aid stand mixer, which I love! This year though, I picked my gift. It would have been nice to get a surprise but there was something I wanted way too much! And that was Good Folks by Anna Maria Horner. Earlier this year I ordered a fat quarter set of the Good Folks line and all I could think of when I got it was that a fat quarter wasn't enough... I needed more! So back in August sometime I came across an etsy seller (fabricworm) selling a full set of 1 yard pieces. It was a must have and I ordered it that day hehe. So this arrived in the middle of Sept and I've been looking at it since. Finally last weekend I pre-washed and folded them and now they just sit on my pile of books where I look at it some more. Here it is:

Beautiful eh? I want to make a quilt for myself from it, plus some clothes and maybe some pillow and and and... oh I love it so.

The other night I finished the piece I was beading. I started in in August while on the road.

When I left off I had finished the white outline of the petals and filled in two of the petals. A night in September I finished one more petal. That left 1 petal and the blue and green accents to finish. It feels like it took a while to finish, 7 days. Now I gotta figure out what to do with it. And figure out what to do next. Last night I didn't bead (eep), I did do some design drawing before I went to bed though.

Today is also the 2nd anniversary of the day I went on my first date with the man who is now my husband. I had just moved back to my hometown from London in July and kept hearing about this guy. I heard mostly about him from my brother hahah. So after seeing him at a local powwow I decided to contact him. I'm glad I did too because he was thinking about me, but didn't have the courage to act on it yet. We emailed a few times, then made plans to meet for coffee. That day I went out for supper with my family and as we were leaving the restaurant he was just coming in with some friends of his. This was the first time we had passed each other! We were both a little thrown by running into each other I think. We managed to say "Hi..." and "Uh...I'll call you in a bit". Outside my brother comments "Well, that was AWKWARD!" hahahaha It really was. My husband and I both identify as being socially awkward... we're a good match. So here we are, 2 years later and married for almost 3 months. I love you Brent.


  1. I remember that too. What you didn't see was how nervous your husband was! (and how he felt like a stalker and was thinking about not calling [he didnt say this outward but i think he thought he was desperate at least that's what his facial expressions read] lucky Adrienne and I said DO IT.... DO IT ( in unison too I believe...hahaha).

  2. Beautiful fabric!

    I remember that night too! I was laughing at Brent (not all mean like or anything ¬.¬) because he got so flustered and I thought 'yup the man is definitely twitterpated!' (If you've watched Bambi you'll know what I mean.)

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