Thursday, September 10, 2009

More about Whirly Gigs

I meant to include this in my first whirly gig (wg) post... more info about what I'm making. Its a simple quilt block that when put together looks simply awesome! lol

Here's kind of what mine will end up looking like: but without the big border.
Here's a how to make them:

And here's what my blocks look like now (couldn't help taking a pic at lunch and posting it):

And here's a pic of my fabric stash! Huge right? After I got back from my 1st honeymoon I spent 5 days organizing it. This meant pre-washing the fabric that wasn't, which was about half of it, then sorting and folding it. On my top shelf I have some scraps, then the rest is fat quarters and pieces smaller than a yard/metre. On the second I have patterned quilting fabric over 1 yard/metre. the 3rd shelf is solid colours, mostly broadcloth but some muslin in there and a huge piece of red! I cannot remember why in the world I bought such a huge piece, I'm sure it was a whole bolt actually hahaha. Next on the 3rd shelf is lightweight non-cotton fabrics like lining, then comes flannel. On the 4th shelf is heavy weight non-cotton fabrics, then cordoroy and fleece, then denim and other denim weight and finally larger pieces of lining fabric. On the bottom shelf is smaller pieces of all of the non-cotton fabric and batting.

I may have a problem... Ok I
know I have a problem! I ordered some fabric for my upcoming bday from my husband... 1 yard of Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks line and 6 half yards of Paula Prass' Summer Soiree. And I really, really, really want a FQ set of Tula Pink's Hushabye. Its for my future baby... really!


  1. wow...really its very good site about fabric.before visiting this site i dont know about fabric quality etc ...but now these comments and articles increase my knowledge.all samples are very nice...good job..keep it up