Thursday, November 20, 2008

A mostly finished quilt top... or so I thought!

Eight Wednesdays ago I started a beginners quilting class here in town to learn how to quilt better. I've made a few quilts before, but always using scissors and templates to cut out the pieces and I was certain there was an easier way to do this! Cutting out dozens of pieces of fabric by hand can get pretty painful. In our class I learnt how to use my rotary cutter, I love it.

So for my quilt I decided to use the rail fence pattern. The quilt is for my 2nd neice, who I promised one for last year. Its a good thing she is only 2 and won't remember!

Tonight I finished the quilt top! Ok, mostly finished because I still need to add a border around it. I am so pleased with it :D Here's a photo:

Umm... Notice anything wrong with this? I didn't notice until I took the photo... and here I thought I was ready for the border. Not too bad though, only one row will need to be stichripped. For the border I am going to use the blue inside colour. The colours in this pic aren't very good tho, poor lighting in my room plus its dark out!

We only have one more class left and I still have a lot to do: fixing my mistake, adding the border, making the backing, quilting it and adding the binding. Obviously this won't happen in one 2 hour class so I've got some homework to do.

I hope my sister doesn't see this and if she does, can you still act surprised? hehe

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