Friday, September 4, 2009

Trying to blog again...

I'm at this again! Last year in the fall I tried to get into blogging and that lasted all of 2 months! haha Hopefully I'll do better this time. I've just moved my blog to blogspot rather than my own website. I had all these ideas for my old website but never took the time to make them happen (this means home computer time which I avoid if I can) so blogspot was the way to go.

Since my last post a lot of things have happened:
Dec. 25th I got engaged!
Dec - July I planned the wedding.
Jan - April I finished a quilt wall hanging for my kitchen
July 11th I got married!
Aug 1&2 I had a powwow booth with my mom.
Aug 3-10 I went on my 1st honeymoon (yes, we're planning a 2nd)

I will try to write a bit about each of these exciting things in the next little while.

See ya and have a nice Labour Day weekend! Mine is looking amazing with a sushi feast, powwow, fishing and a big family brunch!

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