Thursday, September 10, 2009

Whirly Gigs Table Topper

This year I told myself that when possible I would only give homemade gifts. That turned out to be a bit difficult with all that was happening in the 1st half of this year. I'm finally tackling my growing birthday list lol... here's the start of a whirly gig table topper. Rather than make someone something they wouldn't use I had to ask for hints from the bday people. For this one I was told she'd like a table topper and that she likes bright colours.

It will be 24"x24", with 3 8" whirly gigs across and down, as you can see in my drawing. In this pic the each of the 2 colours pinned together to be sewn. Last night I finished the 8" blocks so tonight I should have the top finished!

I have a huge fabric stash (I might put up a pic sometime) but I think I'm afraid of it or rather afraid of trying to match colours. I have this same problem with beading. I see so much beautiful beadwork and quilts using all sorts of different colours but I can't seem to use a wide and different range of colours ... yet! I'm sure I will at some point. My sort of Aunt Tina has the same problem and she is an experienced beader. She's thinking she'll use all the loose beads she has in her bead container for a piece, good idea! I need a quilting experiment like that. This reason is sort of the reason I chickened out and used batiks for the table topper instead of a printed fabric. My rational is because there is another batik quilt in their house soo... yeah. hah

Tomorrow I'll post a pic of the finished top. I have it laid out on my table and oh my, its beautiful!

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