Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Belated Birthday Camera Bag

My brother Jesse's birthday was in July so for his bday I gave him a card that said he was going to get a handmade item of his choice sometime before Christmas. Haha well 2 months to go and its done... that's pretty good in my books! He got himself a nice, big point and shoot camera that was much in need of a case.

I used the Cosy Camera Case Tutorial from Amy a la Mode. Jesse's camera is pretty big (its like an SLR in a point and shoot body) so I had to make a few size adjustments for it. I'm glad for that too... sewing around the little curves at the bottom would have been much harder with a smaller case! Turned out pretty good :-)

The outside fabric is a topography print, don't know from who, that I got a metre of a few years ago in TO at the Creativ Festival. I used it up pretty quickly and was lucky enough to find it in a quilt shop in International Falls and it was double wide! I think I need more though... my family are canoeists so I know this will be a popular print with them. The mini pocket and lining fabric is cute little bears, moose and other boreal animals that I got for my bday. The closure is a snap so the button is for show.

Brent, sorry for the pics, you can take nicer ones with the camera in it! lol

Edited to add a new photo taken with a homemade light box.

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