Thursday, October 22, 2009

A fall shirt

This shirt started out in my head as a summer shirt (well the fabric did) but as time went on so did the seasons! Its now chilly here with frost most mornings and a couple of snow falls (which quickly melted) so my shirt plans had to change. Ok, actually the plans didn't change at all, I had wanted to make the same shirt from the same fabric. It would probably have been unsuited for summer. (A normal summer, this summer it would have been suitable for most of it!)

So here you are, my fall shirt:

The pattern in Simplicity 3836, outfit B, the Mini-dress. I've seen a lot of it in blog land and my inspiration goes back a year or so to that coriander dress. I'm glad I chose to change the collar and arm ties to a solid colour. However after I finished sewing on the collar I had a scare: that my shirt might be starting to look like a clown outfit! hahaha I quickly tried it on and calmed myself down, not too clownish. I thought about adding red on the hem but BW thought it would be too much red... what do you think? I shortened it a bit too. This was the first time I've done that type of zipper setting, and its so good you can't even see it right? :-P I impress myself sometimes!

For some reason this took a looong time to make! I think I put in a couple of hours each night since I finished the camera bag, minus one weekend. I need to get faster!

I've got a growing list of bday gifts, xmas gifts and Xmas craft fair goods to make so this is the last thing I'm making for myself until the new year.

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