Friday, November 20, 2009

Some light box pics

I've been busy sewing away but I feel like I haven't got much to show for it! My mom and I made the decision to not sell stuff at the upcoming Christmas Craft Fair in town so I've been focusing on making some xmas gifts. I won't delude myself and think my whole family reads this but still in chance they do I won't be posting any pics of the stuff.

Except for this one. They're for some 5 year olds who probably aren't browsing the internet!

These will also come with matching aprons, one is done and adorable. Not sure how to picture it without a cute girl modeling it.

Brent made me a lightbox to take pictures of my stuff so here are a few of some older things.

Pretty neat eh? You can read his blog about the light box here.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A paint job... finally!

My husby (husband/hubby) and I bought our house just over a year ago and fell in instant love with it! The previous owners spent all of their 2 years renovating and just when they were almost done they got a job offer they didn't want to turn down so had to sell. Lucky for us! The only thing I didn't love about the house was a couple of paint choices. A big one was in my sewing room, aka studio. It was painted this peachy colour and really darkened the room... making me feel blah-ish about it. A week ago we just decided to paint, one of those "there's no time like the present" moments. I picked a colour that was an off-white like our kitchen, which the studio is right off of.

Here's some before and after pics! Before we started I knew that I'd want to rearrange the room as well. Somehow it gets so cluttered... :P

South side.

View from the door. The brown wardrobe is where I store my fabric and its almost full! The wire shelves are now where I put the clothes for re-purposing, unfinished stuff, stuff I like and want to re-create and scraps.

North side. My cutting table and sewing machine table were the only things that stayed in the same place. Notice my awesome cutting table? Its an old door with 3 levels of 2x4s on top of the folding legs to make it higher! hahahaha A carpenter I am not! A nice paint job on the table and some curtains would make this table. The wall space to the right of my table is where I'm going to hang a peg board for tools. Husby's task this weekend. I'm sure I'll post pics!

The view of the door. In the right corner used to be a pile of gift bags and tissue paper that I want to re-use... it just piled bigger and bigger. I sorted all that and put it in the basement with other wrapping stuff. Also there was a pile of boxes that I plan on using for something, not sure what yet. I made that into a neater pile. Because of those two piles I couldn't even open my door fully... something I can do now!

A couple people have exclaimed how much more open the room seems now and it does! Its a huge improvement. Now I just have to do some sewing. I got everything put back in Monday or Tuesday but have been busy every night since then. This will be a nice weekend for sewing :-)

I'm so glad to have a whole room to devote to sewing! The apartment we rented before the house was a 2 bedroom and the 2nd bedroom was supposed to be a sewing room/office but it just ended up being a storage room with a computer desk. I didn't get much sewing done there.