Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shoal Lake Powwow Items

As promised here are some photos of what I made to sell at a powwow this summer. I shared a booth at the Shoal Lake powwow a couple weekends ago with 2 other women. We had a good time despite the rainy and cold weather!

First, some earrings.  Some old, some new stuff.

Tobacco pouches, the ones on the left fit the larger bags of tobacco and the ones on the right, the smaller.  Brent thinks they were all too feminine, which makes me realize I don't have many "man" appropriate prints in my fabric collection!

Some smocked dresses, sizes 2, 3 and 4.

Bughats, to keep those pesky mosquitoes off your little ones head and neck! These are actually quite big so I need to modify the pattern for smaller heads and maybe make it bigger and market them as blueberry picking hats for adults! haha a suggestion from someone who stopped by the booth.

Mossbags for baby. I'm not sure how long a baby would fit in these ones for. My niece fit in one the same sized for quite a while but she was a petite baby (and now a petite 4 year old).

Combined with the baking we had for sale we made enough to cover the cost of our trip and booth but I still have lots of stuff left. Its nice, as I feel as though I have a nice stock of stuff for future events!

That's all for now! Now onto baby sewing... yah!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Eagle Lake Powwow is here!

And I'm not having a booth... I have been sewing for one it will just be too expensive to get one.  So I'm sewing now for a powwow in the middle of August that has booth prices at less than half the cost!  I wanted to have something to sell tho, so I finished up the fundraising quilt I started last year (for my cousin's wedding but never finished) to raffle off.  Since I did make it to raise some funds I'm going to donate half the profits to the Raising the Children program.  The other half is going to my baby fund hehe.

Raising the Children is a training program for aboriginal parents that my late aunt developed back in the 90s.  It was one of her passions, so since she passed she's left some big shoes to fill. And I mean big (there are almost a dozen of us working with the program now and before it was just her)! We've given the website a huge face lift and you can now sign up to become a member of the Raising the Children family and even register as a Raising the Children facilitator and download the whole manual (for free to boot).  Its a one of a kind manual and since we've launched the revamped website we've had a lot of people from all over Canada become facilitators... its pretty awesome!

So if you're at the powwow this weekend, find me or one of the Kenny girls and get some raffle tickets!

Here's the quilt, its almost a double (wide enough but a bit short).

For the Shoal Lake powwow I will have earrings, moss bags, bug hats, smocked little girl dresses and some bags for sale.  My mom is working on some bags too and maybe some ribbon shirts! I'll post a preview before the powwow.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hi, Its me... I'm back... again!

I am so bad at this blogging stuff. I really want to blog and blog often but something happens. Maybe its just me being lazy. Maybe it also has to do with the fact that I don't have much to show for what I've been working on. I had one large project and its nearly done but can't show it yet, I made a nice dress for a wedding in April but didn't get a nice pic of it and also made a table runner for the newly weds but again didn't get a pic... and then I got lazy.

Lazy and also pregnant! hah. That is a good reason right? I never would have guessed that I would get so obsessed about becoming a mom. My husband and I began trying... working at... working towards... having a baby after we got married and at the end of March our wish came true! I'm now almost 5 months pregnant. Time is going so fast towards my November due date. Just in the last week or so I've been starting to feel the baby move and I'm definitely looking bigger! Soon I will start to actually look pregnant rather than "thick" lol. So that is my very exciting news! Lots of baby's are coming actually. One more on my husband's side and 2 more on my side. I think we'll all need larger houses for the many family dinners we have!

Ok, back to crafty stuff. An old friend of mine, Keith, from my Toronto days recently commissioned a couple of things from me, an ipad sleeve and a messenger bag to carry his ipad and a few other things. He's a student in Santa Fe right now so he wanted something small for his journeys. I was so glad he asked, one because he's a good friend and also to get me out of my non-sewing rut. AND I'd never made a messenger bag before. Here are a few pics of the finished product.

Keith chose one of my favourite prints as the main, the gray map print and told me he likes bright colours, in red, orange, yellow... I didn't have any nice prints in those colours in my stash so when I saw this firework looking print at a store in a nearby town I was so glad. I didn't want to just use gray and black as Keith is much more exciting than that! He's seen the pictures and loves it, now we both can't wait til he gets it in the mail. Thanks again Keith!

Powwow season is upon us, that means I really need to get busy. The one powwow I definitely want to have a booth at is just over a month away and I haven't made much product yet. So we'll see if I can keep to my blogging and my sewing and maybe, just maybe you'll see previews as I go along.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Laptop and Camera cases/sleeves

Remember the laptop sleeve I made for my mom? Well someone did contact me about making them one as well. I finished it over the weekend. Colleen asked for a camera case as well. Colleen has seen a pic and can't wait to start using them... yay!

She asked for a handle on her bag and I wasn't quite sure how to do that as I was putting it together... I figured I'd tackle that when I came to it. It wasn't until I was ready to put the handle on that I realized I'd made it too small! Darn distracting Olympics!! haha I forgot to make space for the height of the laptop. I solved my handle and height problem all at once, with one strip that went over the top and down the sides. It made for more work and pain-in-the-butt work at that but as usual it was worth it!

That little camera case came together so nice and quickly I was asking myself why I don't have one for my camera! I definitely want to do some little projects for myself soon.

I always enjoy watching the Olympic games but I find after the first week or so I'm looking forward to the end as they are SO consuming. Nevertheless this morning I found I had a bit of post Olympic hangover. Our Canadian athletes were amazing weren't they? Ohhh Joannie, you were so strong! Patrick, I can't wait to see what you do in Sochi! Scott did you tell Tessa "I love you so much!" after you last skate? LOL I like the figure skating best in case you hadn't noticed. That hockey game yesterday though, was nerve-wracking! I'm not a big hockey fan but that game brought some sort of a fan out of me.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fabric from New Zealand

New Zealand was a place I'd wanted to visit for a long time so it was odd when I realized I wasn't getting excited for our trip. I didn't start to get excited until I looked up some fabric/quilting shops and places to eat! Hahaha I told myself I would only get NZ fabric, stuff I knew I couldn't get here in Canada or online in the US. I think I found 4 shops online and we managed to stop at 2 of them and a couple along the way.

Here are the batiks I brought back, all fat quarters and mostly Maori themed.

My NZ icons prints, Tiki, paua shell x 2, Pohutukawa and the fern. Everything but the Tiki print is a FQ, I got 1 metre of the Tiki man.

The Pohutukawa is a local tree and it blooms around Christmas so is called their Christmas Tree. We were lucky enough to be there to see it blooming! Unfortunately didn't get any photos of one in full bloom. It sure was amazing though, the whole tree was covered in red. I got a set of 6 placemats in the same pohutukawa print for our home... and maybe some ovenmitts and a tea towel. I really liked that tree!

The last place we stopped at was a quilt shop in Auckland and she had an amazing selection of Japanese, stuff I am pretty sure I couldn't get over here ;-) so I had to get some. I'm sure I could use a couple more metres of the one on top here, gah I love it! Plus some cute cats, fish and turtles. Some blueberries thrown in there too, not Japanese I think.

This last pic is of a set of fat eighths from the same shop in Auckland. I love the gold tinged (inflected?) fabric. I didn't realize just how small a fat eighth is until I got home!

I haven't cut into any of this fabric yet. I have a couple projects in mind for the NZ prints and maybe a shirt out of that Japanese fabric. We'll see...

Friday, February 12, 2010

2 quilt block stacks, my new babe and a sweet card

Here's a little preview of the two big quilts I'm working on. Not going to show more until they're done and away.

A pile of 32 12" Nest pinwheels.

Hmm it occurs to me I'm not sure what these blocks are called. I'm working on this quilt in my quilting class. 2 other women are doing a similar one but with a bunch of black and white prints. We got the pattern out of a magazine, which I can't remember the name of... sorry! Anyhow, 24 of 42 blocks done! They come together pretty quickly too.

I'm only going to work on the blue one in quilting class for now since that one has the longest deadline. I've got one fundraising quilt to finish soon so we can actually fundraise with it! Hope to complete that next week.

Last weekend my mom and I went halfers on a bigger sewing machine for me. She in turn got my 1yo old. It is pretty fricken huge and fancy!

The day I started to read the manual I got so exhausted I took a nap! haha that might have had something to do with little sleep the night before though. It was overwhelming too! Its a little scary too, since all of it is computerized, like there isn't even a foot lever, theres a button! I've been sewing every night since I figure it out and its pretty sweet! Too bad the photo is blurry.

And finally here's the one valentine I'm handing out this year:

For my niece Jaylynn. She hangs out at work after school and has been cutting out hearts and making valentines for 2 weeks now. I don't know how many times I've been asked if I'm making one for her. Too bad I won't be here to give it to her on VDay. (Brent and I are heading to Thunder Bay to visit with his family there.) I had lots of pressure put on me when making this card, she told me "Make it really beautiful ok?"

In Ontario Monday is Family Day and since its the day after VDay I've started calling it Make a Family Day in my head. lol Brent and I aren't doing any particularly special, other than the Keg. Valentines has never been a big thing for me, I think its from my 26 years of being single!

Have a nice long weekend if you get one!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm back!

Ok, well I was back in the country almost a month ago. So its more like I'm back to my blog.

My husby and I had a great trip to New Zealand! It was our belated honeymoon and we were able to spend almost 4 weeks there. With all the travel it ended up we were away from home for 4 weeks. We were there for the holidays and it was my first Christmas away from my mom.. I mean my family. It was hard! I found I was getting homesick leading up to Christmas but once it passed my homesickness passed with it *phew*. It was our first summer Christmas too and that was very different.

For some NZ pics go to Brent's blog (Young Thunderbird in my sidebar) and click here for some more.

I was going to make this a longer post but I changed my mind because it might take me forever to write what I want to write. Right now I just want to post pictures off all the Christmas gifts I made! This year we were done Christmas shopping and making super early.. haha the only year it will probably happen like that (because we left Dec 11)! I am pleased to say maybe half of the gifts were handmade by me too.

First, the one I most most proud of. My fall quilting class project. For my older brother.

I worked on this one only in class, I didn't want to bring it home and be distracted by it lol. I just had enough time to finish it. *phew* I don't know why, but star blankets (as I've always called them) are very popular amongst native people. Its a quilt that many native people make and want to have. So as long as I've been quilting I knew I would want to make one. I am so glad I made it in a class with a great teacher, I wouldn't have done such a good job reading from a book. Anyhow, he loves it! I wish I was there when he opened it. And it looks great in his house.

2nd, another quilty piece. A xmas table runner for my mom-in-law. This came together really quick with the help of this tutorial.

Little girl's apron and oven mitt set for my Thunder Bay niece. She got a little, toy oven (what are those things called) for xmas so I know these will be put to use.

I made a similar set for my other SLKT niece for her birthday in early December. She's already told me that the thumb is too small so I need to make her bigger ones. I owe my other niece a set as well! I didn't finish all of my xmas presents I guess.

An ipod case for my nephew A.J. in Thunder Bay. I knew he was getting an ipod touch so I was able to use my ipod as the guide. It fits... very snug!

The spider fabric is one of my favourites! I picked up a metre of it years ago at the sewing and needle work festival in Toronto and I use is so sparingly.

And these last 2 I'm sweet on as well. Laptop cases for my parents with their initials on them. This one for my mom was made out of some of Amy Butler's LOVE.

She recently had it at some workshops with her and some ladies there were eyeing it up! I will take custom orders :-)

For my dad. I used this map print before for my younger bros camera case. They're both canoe guys so I had to use this one.

I tried out a blanket stitch for applique on these two and the ipod case. You can't see in the laptop pics but you can see in AJ's ipod case. I love the blanket stitch! I'm not sure I'll ever do a zigzag applique again.

I almost forgot... well I did forget, about my beading that is! Yeah, remember my beading for the last 100 days of the decade thing? Didn't last very long. I took a whole bunch of beads with me to NZ too but didn't open the bag once. I don't know when I would have had time to bead. Most of the roads were way too bendy to bead and plus there was so much to look at! Combined we took over 3000 photos.