Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm back!

Ok, well I was back in the country almost a month ago. So its more like I'm back to my blog.

My husby and I had a great trip to New Zealand! It was our belated honeymoon and we were able to spend almost 4 weeks there. With all the travel it ended up we were away from home for 4 weeks. We were there for the holidays and it was my first Christmas away from my mom.. I mean my family. It was hard! I found I was getting homesick leading up to Christmas but once it passed my homesickness passed with it *phew*. It was our first summer Christmas too and that was very different.

For some NZ pics go to Brent's blog (Young Thunderbird in my sidebar) and click here for some more.

I was going to make this a longer post but I changed my mind because it might take me forever to write what I want to write. Right now I just want to post pictures off all the Christmas gifts I made! This year we were done Christmas shopping and making super early.. haha the only year it will probably happen like that (because we left Dec 11)! I am pleased to say maybe half of the gifts were handmade by me too.

First, the one I most most proud of. My fall quilting class project. For my older brother.

I worked on this one only in class, I didn't want to bring it home and be distracted by it lol. I just had enough time to finish it. *phew* I don't know why, but star blankets (as I've always called them) are very popular amongst native people. Its a quilt that many native people make and want to have. So as long as I've been quilting I knew I would want to make one. I am so glad I made it in a class with a great teacher, I wouldn't have done such a good job reading from a book. Anyhow, he loves it! I wish I was there when he opened it. And it looks great in his house.

2nd, another quilty piece. A xmas table runner for my mom-in-law. This came together really quick with the help of this tutorial.

Little girl's apron and oven mitt set for my Thunder Bay niece. She got a little, toy oven (what are those things called) for xmas so I know these will be put to use.

I made a similar set for my other SLKT niece for her birthday in early December. She's already told me that the thumb is too small so I need to make her bigger ones. I owe my other niece a set as well! I didn't finish all of my xmas presents I guess.

An ipod case for my nephew A.J. in Thunder Bay. I knew he was getting an ipod touch so I was able to use my ipod as the guide. It fits... very snug!

The spider fabric is one of my favourites! I picked up a metre of it years ago at the sewing and needle work festival in Toronto and I use is so sparingly.

And these last 2 I'm sweet on as well. Laptop cases for my parents with their initials on them. This one for my mom was made out of some of Amy Butler's LOVE.

She recently had it at some workshops with her and some ladies there were eyeing it up! I will take custom orders :-)

For my dad. I used this map print before for my younger bros camera case. They're both canoe guys so I had to use this one.

I tried out a blanket stitch for applique on these two and the ipod case. You can't see in the laptop pics but you can see in AJ's ipod case. I love the blanket stitch! I'm not sure I'll ever do a zigzag applique again.

I almost forgot... well I did forget, about my beading that is! Yeah, remember my beading for the last 100 days of the decade thing? Didn't last very long. I took a whole bunch of beads with me to NZ too but didn't open the bag once. I don't know when I would have had time to bead. Most of the roads were way too bendy to bead and plus there was so much to look at! Combined we took over 3000 photos.

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