Friday, February 12, 2010

2 quilt block stacks, my new babe and a sweet card

Here's a little preview of the two big quilts I'm working on. Not going to show more until they're done and away.

A pile of 32 12" Nest pinwheels.

Hmm it occurs to me I'm not sure what these blocks are called. I'm working on this quilt in my quilting class. 2 other women are doing a similar one but with a bunch of black and white prints. We got the pattern out of a magazine, which I can't remember the name of... sorry! Anyhow, 24 of 42 blocks done! They come together pretty quickly too.

I'm only going to work on the blue one in quilting class for now since that one has the longest deadline. I've got one fundraising quilt to finish soon so we can actually fundraise with it! Hope to complete that next week.

Last weekend my mom and I went halfers on a bigger sewing machine for me. She in turn got my 1yo old. It is pretty fricken huge and fancy!

The day I started to read the manual I got so exhausted I took a nap! haha that might have had something to do with little sleep the night before though. It was overwhelming too! Its a little scary too, since all of it is computerized, like there isn't even a foot lever, theres a button! I've been sewing every night since I figure it out and its pretty sweet! Too bad the photo is blurry.

And finally here's the one valentine I'm handing out this year:

For my niece Jaylynn. She hangs out at work after school and has been cutting out hearts and making valentines for 2 weeks now. I don't know how many times I've been asked if I'm making one for her. Too bad I won't be here to give it to her on VDay. (Brent and I are heading to Thunder Bay to visit with his family there.) I had lots of pressure put on me when making this card, she told me "Make it really beautiful ok?"

In Ontario Monday is Family Day and since its the day after VDay I've started calling it Make a Family Day in my head. lol Brent and I aren't doing any particularly special, other than the Keg. Valentines has never been a big thing for me, I think its from my 26 years of being single!

Have a nice long weekend if you get one!

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