Monday, March 1, 2010

Laptop and Camera cases/sleeves

Remember the laptop sleeve I made for my mom? Well someone did contact me about making them one as well. I finished it over the weekend. Colleen asked for a camera case as well. Colleen has seen a pic and can't wait to start using them... yay!

She asked for a handle on her bag and I wasn't quite sure how to do that as I was putting it together... I figured I'd tackle that when I came to it. It wasn't until I was ready to put the handle on that I realized I'd made it too small! Darn distracting Olympics!! haha I forgot to make space for the height of the laptop. I solved my handle and height problem all at once, with one strip that went over the top and down the sides. It made for more work and pain-in-the-butt work at that but as usual it was worth it!

That little camera case came together so nice and quickly I was asking myself why I don't have one for my camera! I definitely want to do some little projects for myself soon.

I always enjoy watching the Olympic games but I find after the first week or so I'm looking forward to the end as they are SO consuming. Nevertheless this morning I found I had a bit of post Olympic hangover. Our Canadian athletes were amazing weren't they? Ohhh Joannie, you were so strong! Patrick, I can't wait to see what you do in Sochi! Scott did you tell Tessa "I love you so much!" after you last skate? LOL I like the figure skating best in case you hadn't noticed. That hockey game yesterday though, was nerve-wracking! I'm not a big hockey fan but that game brought some sort of a fan out of me.