Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shoal Lake Powwow Items

As promised here are some photos of what I made to sell at a powwow this summer. I shared a booth at the Shoal Lake powwow a couple weekends ago with 2 other women. We had a good time despite the rainy and cold weather!

First, some earrings.  Some old, some new stuff.

Tobacco pouches, the ones on the left fit the larger bags of tobacco and the ones on the right, the smaller.  Brent thinks they were all too feminine, which makes me realize I don't have many "man" appropriate prints in my fabric collection!

Some smocked dresses, sizes 2, 3 and 4.

Bughats, to keep those pesky mosquitoes off your little ones head and neck! These are actually quite big so I need to modify the pattern for smaller heads and maybe make it bigger and market them as blueberry picking hats for adults! haha a suggestion from someone who stopped by the booth.

Mossbags for baby. I'm not sure how long a baby would fit in these ones for. My niece fit in one the same sized for quite a while but she was a petite baby (and now a petite 4 year old).

Combined with the baking we had for sale we made enough to cover the cost of our trip and booth but I still have lots of stuff left. Its nice, as I feel as though I have a nice stock of stuff for future events!

That's all for now! Now onto baby sewing... yah!